Ed Sheeran Divide World Tour Concert Review

The time has finally arrived my Ed Sheeran Divide concert review. Seeing Ed again was an amazing experience, his voice is incredible live and he is an amazing lyricist. Ed opened with Castle on the Hill which is not my favorite song on the album, but he did a really good job with. It got the crowd energized since it was one of the singles from the album it was a more well known song. He took a time to welcome the crowd to the show then went right into Eraser after that a personal favorite of mine. This is a lesser known song but another upbeat one that has a fire to it. Ed had so much energy during this song it is easy to see that this song meant a lot to him and he was really feeling it which made you feel it as well.


Ed switched it up after the two new fast songs with an old slow classic. A Team, the song that gave Ed his rise time, I felt as though he rushed through. It seemed as though he was trying to get through it, which I can understand since he probably has to play this song at all of his festival gigs and concerts since the majority of people know it, even people that aren’t fans of his. After A Team, Ed kept it going with the older songs and played Don’t. A major hit from Ed’s last album, Multiply, Don’t was really nice to see live because it was an older song, Ed still brought the fire that should be fueling this song. It was really interesting how he choose to mash Don’t up with New man off of his current album. Both are fast songs and about a girl who turned out to be someone you can’t recognize. The mash up flowed well together and was a really fun song to sing and dance along to.

Something that I found annoying about this show is that I was sitting fourteenth row on the floor and everyone was sitting down. I went to the Mohegan Sun show, so I understand that the venue gives many of it’s prime seats to it’s high rollers who may not know Ed Sheeran, but it was hard to get into a good concert atmosphere when everyone around you is 50+ and not looking like they were enjoying themselves. I know this is in no way Ed’s fault but it just brought me down a little bit from my usual concert high.

My view of the stage.

Watching Ed set up his loop is so mesmerizing to me. I love listening to all of the different components to the song as they are recorded and then hearing them layered on top of each other to make the loop. I think the fact that Ed does all of his own backing vocals and everything is done right there in front of you live is incredible. You really don’t find any other artists, especially not with artists as famous as Ed Sheeran.

Ed next played another hit off of Divide, Dive. It seemed like Ed was getting really into dive and putting his soul into the song. When an artist really connects with a song performing, it gives you chills and this song definitely did for me. I thought Ed’s next song choice was a little peculiar. If he were to pick any song off of Multiply to play on tour for his Divide album, I wouldn’t expect Bloodstream to be one of them. Bloodstream is a good song, but it definitely wasn’t one of my favorites, I would have preferred to have heard Nina or One. Overall however, I think Ed did a really good song with blood stream.


Arguably my favorite song, I was really excited when Happier came on next. Between the lyrics and the vocals behind this song, I was so excited to find out that it was on the setlist. Ed did an incredible job with this song. The passion and emotion were there which helped to carry the song and give it more dimension. I also like how Ed changed up the way he sang a few of the notes and really showed off his vocal range. Galway Girl was always a fun song, but hearing it live was so fun. My sister and I couldn’t help dancing to this song (more so than we already were). I don’t really have anything else to say about this song as it was even more incredible live than it is on the radio. That, and I don’t know anyone who can put the word Doritos into a song and have it sound like poetry.

After looking on the set list for other shows, I had been expecting to hear I See Fire, one of Ed’s songs that I like, but am not in love with. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say that he was switching things up and bringing one of his older songs out that he can’t usually play because it strains his vocals. I was hoping it would be U.N.I. or Drunk, but was obviously still excited when he started playing give me love. The crowd definitely went wild when he sang the first line of the song and they all recognized it. This song is as pure and beautiful as it was when I first heard it. Ed sang it with as much love and care as he did four years ago when I heard him sing it on the Red tour with Taylor Swift.


The great thing about Ed being just one guy who does everything himself once he hits the stage is that he can choose to change the set list whenever he likes and play whatever songs he chooses. It adds some spontaneity so even if you do look up the setlist before hand, you still have at least one surprise in store for you. I will never get over the notes that Ed can hitwhen he sings give me love, or the shivers that run down my spine when he belts out the chorus. If you look up the setlist on line, you will see that there is one song called “Ed’s Choice Song”. I happened to be blessed by hearing a song that Ed had never preformed in the US. Ed brought out one of his crew members P.J. on stage to play the piano during How Would You Feel. Even though P.J. didn’t quite nail his part, it added to the fact that Ed is doing what he loves and isn’t looking to win people over with flashy back up dancers or crappy autotune, everything he does is genuine and authentic, which is exactly what was portrayed through his performance of this song and I feel blessed to have seen it.

After How Would You Feel, Ed brought around another classic. Photograph didn’t become popular until long after the release of Ed’s Multiply album, yet once it did hit the airwaves, it blew up. This song is beautiful live. Ed’s voice just sounds so pure, that’s the only way to describe it. I love what he did with this song and I think it deserves the positive attention that it got. Before the release of the album, Ed said that he had written one song that he predicted would be more perfect than Thinking Out Loud (his mega hit off of his Multiply album) this song, is Perfect. It is a really beautiful song, however the most memorable part of it was the proposal that occurred during it. After he finished singing the song Ed responded by saying, “Well someone’s getting some tonight.” which is perhaps one of the most Ed Sheeran things that Ed Sheeran has ever said. IMG_1721.JPG

After the proposal Ed dedicated his next song to the happy couple which was incredibly sweet considering the next song he played was Nancy Mulligan and it’s about his grandparents love story where they fell in love against all odds and had a long and happy marriage. Ed sang this song with such strength and sincerity which is really cute considering it is a song outlining his grandparents marriage. This song was really fun to hear live because it’s really upbeat and seemed technically difficult for Ed to play.

After Nancy Mulligan, Ed kept the vibe going with Sing, a song that comes off of his Multiply album. This song is particularly fun because it does have a rap in it which highlights the fact that Ed is not just a guy who can bang out ballads, he can also spit some rhymes. I will never get bored of hearing this song live despite the fact that it is one of his more popular songs. From one hit to another, Ed played Shape of You next, the most popular song off of Divide. Even though if he had sold this song to Rihanna like he intended I probably wouldn’t have liked this song, I love the way he sings it. Hearing it live was fun and it got the ever so boring crowd to liven up a bit and let loose. It’s funny how when Ed sings a song I can love it but when someone else does it, it doesn’t sound right to me. All that matters though is that Ed kept the song and killed it up on stage.


Ed closed out the night with a song that probably not many of the people in the crowd knew. You Need Me is one of Ed Sheeran’s most incredible songs (I mean it has the lyric “they say I’m up and coming like I’m f*cking in an elevator how can you beat that) lyrically and vocally. It is one of his rap songs, but he does an incredible job with it and still sings it with fire and passion despite it being one of his older songs. It was one hell of a way to close out a show and it left me with a post show high unlike any other.

Overall, it was an incredible show, Ed really knows how to preform and he doesn’t try to fool you into thinking he can sing with flashy outfits, or autotune. The fact that he is genuine and everything he does during his show is authentic makes it worth every penny to see him live. If I had the choice to do it again, I most definitely would, I think that it is a once in a life time experience. IMG_1722.JPG

As far as reviews go, I’m going to do things a little differently than normal, because the vibe of the venue wasn’t very good, and it wasn’t Ed’s fault, I’m going to rate the show in three different categories, vocals, venue, and performance. As far as vocals go, Ed gets a 10/10 despite playing the same set for at least three months straight, he still sounded exactly like he did on the album, if not even better. You can’t beat the kind of talent that he has combined with the hard work that he put’s into the things he produces. As for venue, I’m going to give Mohegan Sun a 5.5/6. I think as far as seating arrangements go, it is a good venue to go to because I was fourteenth row on the floor and I could see just fine and I have sat in the “nosebleed” seats of that venue and could still see perfectly. Overall, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. However, despite the excellent views, the venue attracts a terrible crowd. The people who go to Mohegan Sun concerts are often times older adults who are high rollers at the casino and get in for free. They don’t necessarily even know the band or artist they are going to see, they just go because it’s a free show. As for performance, I’m going to give it a 9/10. If you’re looking for some flashy show where you have other things to focus on besides the artist, than this show isn’t for you. The only reason I didn’t give Ed a 10 in this category is because I feel as though he could have interacted with the crowd a little bit more. All in all, it was an amazing night and I’m going to give it a 9.7/10.



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