Last Young Renegade Album Review

I’m back after a very long hiatus. Working six days a week to pay for college really takes a lot out of me plus I’m looking to transfer schools so I have been doing all of that research as well. I honestly didn’t mean for this much time to pass before I got this review out. Without further ado, let’s get into the album review.

Now don’t hate me for saying this, but All Time Low’s Future Hearts left me severely disappointed. After releasing masterpiece after masterpiece with the likes of Dirty Work, Put Up or Shut Up, and Don’t Panic, my expectations were really high. I understand that artists need to grow and change, but I don’t think that I was prepared for what came with future hearts. Now, I actually do like the majority of the songs from Future Hearts, it just took some getting used to. I was a little bit skeptical (as you can tell from my previously released Dirty Laundry review), but I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised with All Time Low’s Last Young Renegade album. In my typical album review fashion, I will go through giving you my opinion on each song than a total review at the end.

Future Hearts Album Cover

Last Young Renegade- This is actually one of my favorite songs on the album. It is a bop in every sense of the word and one of the ones I play when I’m driving in the car and scream at the top of my lungs. I think the lyrics really embody what this album is about and creates a new scene for All Time Low fans. I love Alex’s vocals in this song and think that overall, the band did a really great job with this song. My favorite part of the song is when Alex says: “I want to know that you’re somewhere out there.” then “You were the best thing that happened to me” because I feel like it’s easily relatable whether you’re looking for that special someone who can be a renegade with you or maybe you’ve already found them, but once you do, you’ll never let them go.

Drugs & Candy- The beginning of this song almost reminds me of the old All Time Low and has me feeling very nostalgic. As for the rest of the song, I don’t think the lyrics make that much sense. However I like the beat and melody. My favorite part of this song would have to be the bridge, I think the way they mixed it works really well with the rest of the song. I just really can’t get behind a song when I don’t like the lyrics and this song honestly, just doesn’t do it for me which sucks because I actually really like every other aspect of this song.


Dirty Laundry- I’m not really going to say a lot about this song since I already dedicated a whole blog post to it, but I will say that since I first listened and reacted to this song, my love for it has only grown. The different sound really works well for the band and especially in this song. I love the lyrics, the vocals, the melodies, and everything in between. I only have good things to say about this song.


Good Times-  I love everything about the beginning of the song. I love the picture that the lyrics paint in your head, and the way that the music simply enhances that and doesn’t overpower it. The vocals in the beginning are soft and heighten the imagery. I love the chorus I think the vocals are near perfection and this song as a whole just surpass all of my expectations for this album.

Nice2KnoU- Honestly before I even heard this song I had some negative feelings towards it just because of the title. Unless there is some pun or greater meaning for a song title to be spelled incorrectly than please, for the love of god, just spell it right. There is no reason to make a song title texting slang I’m just saying. Anyways, title aside, here is what I though of the rest of the song. I actually really like the beginning I think the guitar in the beginning sets a nice vibe for the song then when Alex comes in with the vocals it really compliments the rest of the song. Overall a really good song and a total bop.


Life Of The Party- I think my favorite part of this song is the chorus. I found the beginning of this song to be really underwhelming so the chorus somewhat livened it up for me. I am not in love with the lyrics for this song, but I do really like everything all together. This is another sound that is different for All Time Low but I really like it. Although it isn’t one of my favorites, I appreciate this song and I think that they did a really good job with this song.

Nightmares- I LOVE the intro to this song. It has somewhat of a haunted vibe to it. I can also really relate to this song so I think it adds something to the experience of listening to it for me. This lyrically is probably my favorite on the album. It just speaks to me in so many ways and thus creates a whole new experience for me. This definitely makes my top three favorites on the album. I like this song because it has seriously lyrics and gives me the feels but it is also still a bop. All in all, LOVE THIS SONG.

Dark Side of Your Room- I love the beginning of this song, the beat, the lyrics, the vocals, all of it. I think the lyrics are really cute and personal. THE CHORUS oh my god is amazing. I love the strength in Alex’s voice matched with the lyrics. I know I’ve said this for half of the song on the album, but this is totally one of my favorites on the album. I can’t get enough of this song.


Ground Control- I right off the bat wasn’t sure about this song because it featured Tegan and Sarah who I don’t typically associate with the style of music that I’m into (which is saying something because I like most musical genres). That being said, I do love the chorus of this song, I don’t really think Tegan and Sarah add anything musically to the song, I think I might even like it better if they weren’t there, but as a whole I don’t really like this song as much as some of the others on the album, but as a whole, it’s okay.

Afterglow- Right of the bat not sold on the sound that this song gives off, but the lyrics are actually pretty good. The chorus is decent at best but it’s not amazing. I guess the most disappointing part of this song is the fact that it’s the last song on the album which I have in other reviews stressed the importance of. It is what you are left thinking of and this song doesn’t leave me thoroughly impressed and I almost don’t even remember all of the songs that I did like on this album.


Overall, I think that All Time Low have redeemed themselves after Future Hearts and that their switch to Fueled By Ramen has proved to be beneficial to all parties involved. I can’t wait to see All Time Low on their tour this summer and what the future has in store for them as a band. Overall Album Review: 4.6/5.

until next time,

– m o l l i e


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