Pray For Manchester

I know I don’t stand alone when I say that concerts should be a safe space. When I go to a concert I get dressed up in clothes I might not have the guts to wear to school for fear of being judged. I meet friends their who share the same passions as me. I get to listen to the music I love. The last thing that I feel is fear. As someone who has attended over 50 concerts I love the feeling of love, pride, and acceptance at concerts. It is a complete tragedy that someone would try and take that away from thousands of people.

If you don’t already know, last night a suicide bomber attacked Manchester Arena, the largest arena in Europe, and killed at least 20 people and injuring 60. With hundreds of people being separated from their loved ones in the chaos. I can’t imagine being that scared and confused. As someone who deals with claustrophobia and has panic attacks in large crowds with no exit, I can’t imagine the feeling of those people. There are videos of girls jumping from balconies in an attempt to reach an exit faster.

Concert security, at least where I live is strict. No bags bigger than a purse, no liquids, and you must enter a metal detector. This should be universal because no one should have to endure what those in Manchester did. I hope you join me in praying for Manchester. Regardless of your religious beliefs. Pray for Manchester and Make Music Safe Again.



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