10 Songs: I Can’t Stop Playing May 2017

It’s been far too long since I last posted but I have been up to my eyeballs in projects, papers, final exams, and scholarship applications. But without further ado, here are my top 10 songs of May 2017. Not all of these songs were released this month, but they are just what I have been into this month. As per usual, these songs are in no particular order!

  1. broken – lovelytheband: lovelytheband is relatively new to the music scene but their front man Mitchy Collins is no stranger to the music industry. He was part of the popular 2013 music group Oh Honey who’s hit ‘Be Okay’ reached 25 on the Adult Top 40. He works for John Feldmann of Goldfinger and has helped to produce music for artists such as 5 Seconds of Summer. lovelytheband is his new project and  this single is already a hit. With a new and unique sound and clever lyrics, this song is bringing something new to the music industry. I love the lyrics and the way that they paint a scene in your head. If you’re looking for something alternative, I highly suggest checking out this song. If I had to rate this song, I would probably give it a 7.2/10 which might seem low, but for the first single of the band, it’s not bad they have a lot of potential to make it big.c9amrkiuwaeftw0
  2. When I Was a Teenager – Room 94: Formed in 2007 in the North London suburbs, Room 94 has a pop rock vibe. The band has collaborated with the likes of One Direction in 2014. When I Was a Teenager was on their 2014 album, No Strings Attached. The song has more of a boy band vibe than a pop rock vibe, but it’s catchy and been stuck in my head pretty much all month. Because this is a relatively old song and I haven’t really heard much about this band since, I don’t think you will be hearing them on the radio any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy their music. However since the main grab about this song is it’s catchy beat, I’m going to have to rate it a 5.6/10
  3. 100x – White Eskimo: Any Directioner is sure to have heard of this band. That’s right, White Eskimo was the band that Harry Styles was a part of before he auditioned for X-Factor and made it big in the music industry. White Eskimo first resurfaced around the time Zayn left One Direction in 2015. Their sound however, is completely different than that of One Direction. They definitely fit more into the rock scene than pop, but having pop royalty like Styles in their band has them constantly mislabeled. This song is really good. It’s a typical pop rock sound but it works. I don’t see a bright future for White Eskimo but I do think that this is a great song and you should really check it out. If I had to rate it, I would give it an 8/10.
  4. Better Than Sex – The Midnight Beast: TMB is primarily a British comedy or parody group originally making it big with their parody of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok. Their song Better Than Sex is all comedy and the lyrics pretty much just list things that aren’t better than sex. I’ve heard this song many times and each time I still laugh at the lyrics. It’s a catchy song with a good beat and honestly, you can’t go wrong with this song. Obviously from the males point of view, this song throws out all of the stereotypical romantic things that girls tend to love and says ‘that’s not better than sex’. Overall, I would have to rate this song a 7.8/10.2b19e0b0-c79e-47fd-b817-88f6c447c6ef
  5. Where We Came From – These Kids Wear Crowns: Formed in 2009, These Kids Wear Crowns is a Canadian pop rock boy band. They have performed with acts such as Good Charlotte and Forever The Sickest Kids. Where we came from is off of their 2015 album: Still Having Fun. The song is fun and has a good beat. I personally love the lyrics and the message of the song. I hope to see more of this band in the future because I really like their music. The vocalist for this band has a lot of talent. Overall, I would have to rate this song a 8.2/10.
  6. Secrets – State Champs: State Champs is currently on the rise in the pop punk scene. They recently just finished their North American tour supported by With Confidence and Don Broco following the release of their latest album, Around The World And Back. Secrets is your classic pop punk song, but man is it good. The beat is infectious and the lyrics are fun. I love State Champs and can’t wait to see where their journey takes them. I would have to rate this song an 8.7/10.
  7. Archers – With Confidence: Another band on the rise in the pop punk scene, With Confidence is an Australian pop punk band from Sydney who has most recently been getting a lot of recognition while on tour supporting State Champs. Their song Archers is one of my favorites off of their debut album, Better Weather. It’s a classic pop punk anthem. It makes you feel apart of something bigger than yourself. Something powerful that not many songs achieve let a lone a song off of a debut album. Backed with strong vocals and a good beat, Archers is a classic. On a scale, Archers definitely rates an 9.1/10. I can’t wait to see what With Confidence does next.with-confidence-better-weather
  8. Crave – Waterparks: I have definitely expressed my love for this band before. You can check out my post about Waterparks if you’re interested in hearing more about them. A pop punk band from Houston Texas, Waterparks is another band that has been making it big recently and have lately been featured in magazines such as Rock Sound and Alternative Press. I have recently been more into their older stuff after having their debut album Double Dare on repeat since it’s release in November. Crave is a punk song with an electric pop beat following the chorus which I thinks adds to the vibe of the song. Off of the EP Cluster, Crave is my favorite song off of the EP and it defiantly helps that the music video is pretty amazing. I would probably have to give this song an 8.6/10.
  9. Problem – Set It Off: This song is actually a cover be Set It Off of Ariana Grande’s smash hit ‘Problem’. The song was released on Punk Goes Pop Volume Six. Punk Goes Pop is a series started by Fearless Records in which punk artists from all different labels cover pop songs and create an album. I particularly like this one because not only is  it a cover of an Ariana Grande song but they also throw in a little ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC, which is personally my favorite part of the song. I enjoy this song because it takes a song that I don’t particularly like and turn it into a pop punk masterpiece. This song is also an amazing cover because they took out the Nicki Minaj rap so honestly it has everything. The only problem that I have with this song is that it isn’t longer. I’m giving this song a 9.3/10
  10. Middle Fingers – MISSIO: This song isn’t typically what I listen to, but the lyrics are what attracts me to this song. I love every single word in this song. I think that it’s clever and funny. The drums at the chorus even give off a less electronic vibe and are more my style creating a nice blend of sounds. If you are going to check out any of the songs on the list and pop punk isn’t your thing, this is the one to listen to. I still haven’t gotten tired of this song and it’s all that I listened to for a month straight. Overall, I would have to rate this song a 9.6/1036509333_350_350

As always, if you want to check out these songs, they are on a playlist on my Spotify page. My profile name is MollieMarshallOfficial and the playlist name is May 2017. You can also check out the playlist that I made for my nineteenth birthday titled N I N E T E E N. Let me know what you think about these songs in the comments section below I would love to hear your opinions on it all.


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