Y O U N G |A N D| M E N A C E

As finals week approaches, and my illness sets in, my posts have become increasingly scarce. However once my last essay is submitted and bubble sheet filled, I will be in the land of sweet dreams and high speed wifi, also known as my beach house. With many concerts on the horizon, you can expect a sun filled, fun filled blog from me this summer.  However, while drowning in a sea of books and my calm study playlist, I checked twitter and saw that amidst my nose to the grind stone study method, I had missed the memo that Fall Out Boy was releasing a new single. Obviously, I had to take a break and give you my response to the new music.


The song starts off calm with a little bit of an electronic vibe to it. When front man Patrick Stump comes in on the vocals, it is almost a haunting feeling that your left with. His voice is chilling and daunting. I really like this sound that they have going on at the start of the song. When the beat starts kicking in, I personally really dig it and was nodding my head along to it in the quiet library, safe to say I got some weird looks. The some what repetitive lyrics match the some what hauntingly repetitive beat “I think God is gonna have to kill me twice. Kill me twice. ”

From the first “Oops I did it again.” I’m not going to lie, the song lost me for a second but I  jumped right back on board and wanted to start singing along to the song. When the song gets right up to the chorus and Stump sings the title lyrics, Young and Menace, the music cuts out and comes back with a banging electronic type beat and it is a straight up bop. This song seems to me like FOB took a page out of their Wintour opening act (AWOLNATION’s) book with the more techno type sound. Now that I think about it, this song has some similarities to the AWOLNATION song sail in the electronic type beat.


Call me crazy, but I interpreted the electronic part of the song as insanity. This song toys with the idea of insanity mentioning different aspects of going crazy or being crazy rather with mentions of things like needing a psych assessment. The electronic part could in fact be Fall Out Boy trying to say that they are going crazy. A statement that they are split between these two worlds of rock and the more popular, modern electronic music. That, or I could be reading way too much into this song and they just really wanted to throw in some electric vibes.

Technically, the song still has the signature Fall Out Boy sound, and anyone who is saying that this music isn’t them and they are just doing this to get more popular, first off doesn’t know the band at all and second clearly isn’t listening hard enough. Patrick Stump is clearly bringing his a game vocally to this song and he sounds amazing.


By the second verse, I was singing along to all of the “Oops I did it again”s this song was definitely growing on me and bound to be one of my new favorites. I would just like to point out again how a m a z i n g Patrick Stumps vocals are in this song and I’m not sorry for bringing it up again. I think the entire nature of this song carries along the somewhat haunting sound that you hear in the beginning. The lyrics definitely match the sound of the song with phrases like “I forgot what I was losing my mind about” and “I’m just here for the psych assessment”.

The ending of the song goes out strong with some techno and a little bit of guitar. I think with the right lighting and all of the other fun things that fall out boy adds to their shows (like the giant beach ball type things during Fourth of July at Wintour), on top of the fact that this song is already amazing, Young and Menace will be so fun to hear live. I think the repetition of the first line at the end kind of pushes the haunting, slightly psychotic vibe of the song. I think the vibe FOB were going for is a fun new approach to a song, one that we don’t hear often. I appreciate the fact that Fall Out Boy were trying to push the envelope with this song and I think they hit their mark.


This song is getting a lot of hate from Fall Out Boy “fans”. A real fan of a band supports them as they grow and change. As we have seen from the new All Time Low music, and many other bands, the world of pop rock, pop punk, punk rock, etc. Is expanding. These artists are no longer teenagers, they are getting older and maturing and that is something that we, as listeners have to respect. I understand that most punk rock fans hate techno, myself included in most cases, however if you really listen, you can find bits and pieces of the old Fall Out Boy. These boys are just changing their sound while sticking to their roots, not pretending to be something that they’re not.

Perhaps some of the best defense to this song comes from Waterparks front man Awsten Knight and his twitter. “As far as new Fall Out Boy goes, appreciate art when it’s given to you, dummies.” In the world of a divided fandom, this more juvenile approach to telling people to respect their band and their artistic decisions is a great one. It isn’t rude and telling people their wrong, it is simply letting them know that every band has a right to make the music that they want to make.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.51.56 AM

Overall, I really like this song and can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us next. I would rate this song a 7/10.

You can pre-order Fall Out Boy’s new album M A N I A now.


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