How I Really Feel About Concert Vloggers

If you’ve ever been to a concert, I’m sure you’ve seen them, the girls who walk into the venue with their family’s old digital camera dangling around their wrist. You may think they are there to get some “totally awesome pics!” but be warned those are the dreaded concert vloggers. I used to love watching concert vlogs, seeing on all of the shows that I missed out on, but that was until I realized how exactly people got those videos. When I go to a concert, I’m there for the music and the experience. I need the songs of the artist to mean something to me or to speak to me in some way. I don’t choose what concert I want to go to based on how many likes my Instagram will get. Concert vloggers pick what concert they want to go to based off of how many views their YouTube video¬†will get.


I know I may sound like a hypocrite, because I have a fair amount of concerts on my YouTube channel, but those are all concerts that I am already going to, I don’t pick a show for the views. I mainly upload my vlogs for people like me who missed out or couldn’t afford the show but want to hear some of their favorite songs live regardless.

The thing that bothers me most about concert vloggers is that they don’t look like they are having fun. They aren’t singing or dancing along, they stand their with their camera in their hand, and their other hand used to steady the hand holding the camera. They don’t jump along when the artist says jump or even clap along. Concert vloggers don’t sing because they don’t want to mess up the sound quality of their video’s. When you watch my vlogs, you can blatantly hear me scream singing in the background and it’s shaky because I’m jumping around and dancing so much. It may not make for the best quality videos, but if you’re just there for the music, like me then it shouldn’t matter.

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Show

I strongly believe that people need to live life to the fullest, and live in the moment. By staring at a concert through a screen. You aren’t even experiencing what you’re really there for. I would personally love to remember living in the moment than I would get a video that I am probably never going to watch again. When I am filming at a concert, I leave my phone above my head pointed in the general direction of the stage and I don’t really look at it and I usually put it down after the first chorus of a song because let’s face it, my arm get’s tired.

I know this isn’t a post I would normally make, but it is concert related, and after standing next to a concert vlogger at Panic! at the Disco I really felt the need to get this off of my chest. If you have your own opinions about concert vloggers be sure to let me know in the comments down below! My YouTube channel is ConcertsDaily if you want to check out any of my concert vlogs!

See you all next week with another post!


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