Concert Review: DOAB Tour

I recently went to see Panic! at the Disco on the Death of a Bachelor Tour. After buying these tickets in September, I had been waiting and waiting for March to arrive. I can in no way say that I was disappointed with the concert. Even with frontman Brendon Urie being the only man left in the band, you still get an amazing set and an amazing experience.

Every great show needs great openers to match. The role of an opening act is to hype up the crowd and get them excited for the main act, and it’s safe to say, that Panic! picked some pretty great openers. Going into it, I knew pretty much all of the songs off of Saint Mote’s album and was really excited to hear them preform live. I only knew two Misterwives songs, (Same Drugs, and Reflections) and was excited to hear more of their music. I was late to the show and missed almost all of Saint Motel’s set, but I could tell from the one and a half songs that I heard that they were  just as amazing if not more amazing live as they were on the album.

Saint Motel During their set on the DOAB tour.

Misterwives was incredible. Their lead singer has an incredible vocal range and could hit the notes that were on the album, unlike some singers who choose to go lower during live performances as their higher notes are edited in. They kept their performance fun and upbeat. Their set had really cool features like the fact that they had light up pedestals that they stood on. Their cool setlist and fun lighting displays were not the only things that made this set memorable. Towards the end of their set, three of the band members were doing a choreographed drum solo on what looked like old metal barrels. After Misterwives, it was clear to see that the myself and the crowd were most definitely hyped. In between the opening acts and Panic!, a dance battle even broke out across the arena to the Miley Cyrus song, Wrecking Ball.

Front woman for Misterwives

Once the countdown started on the big screen signaling that there was one minute until the show started, there was a buzz in the air and you could feel the excitement of everyone in the crowd waiting for Brendon to hit the stage. With ten seconds left, you could heart the crowd chanting and counting down with the clock. Ten…nine…eight… I was practically shaking with excitement waiting to finally see the band that I had loved for so long live. Three…two…one streamers burst through the air as Brendon took the stage and Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time began to play.

As far as concerts go, I thought that the Panic! at the Disco setlist was a fairly good one. There was a nice mixture of new and old songs, and I knew all of the songs that were played. I loved that Brendon switched sides of the arena and came to the back to play a song as he was literally right in front of me. I have always preferred the piano version of This is Gospel and my dream came true when I heard it live. Not only was the song beautiful, but the performance of it was amazing. The stand the piano was on rose from the ground and was pretty much eye level to me and spun around, as lights shown down on Urie and snow like confetti fell from the sky. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things that I have ever witnessed at a concert.

Brendon Urie mid flip.

Another thing that made this concert special was the fan project. Now if you don’t know what a fan project is, it is basically a group of fans who come up with a way to show the artist their love and appreciation for them. The most common fan project is usually in the form of hearts that are hand cut and written on by the people running the project. In this case, mine said “shine your flash light through during Girls/Girls/Boys. These hearts are usually either all one color, or the colors of the rainbow showing support to the pride movement. My heart was purple and my friend had a green one and during that song, the majority of the audience was lit up with all of the colors of the rainbow. Every time I go to a concert with a successful fan project like that, I always leave feeling more satisfied like I was a part of something bigger than myself. It always makes it more special when the artist actually acknowledges your fan project like Brendon Urie did for this show.

There weren’t many things about the show that I would change, but if I had to pick something, I would have to say the amount of covers. Now call me uncultured, but I didn’t know the words to the Billie Joel song that was played and I honestly don’t know the words to 24k Magic either, because that’s just not the type of music that I’m into (although I didn’t mind watching Brendon working it on those drums either). It was a given, and a blessing for that matter, that Brendon decided to do his amazing cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. However when I go to a concert unless I’m seeing a cover band, I really only want to hear one song, maybe two max that aren’t actually by the artist themselves.

I don’t know how, but Brendon’s voice sounds even better live than it does on the album. His vocal range is phenomenal and he can hit notes higher than those on the album. The one thing I would say about him however, is that he doesn’t spend a lot of time interacting with the crowd. I always feel more connected with an artist when they preform if they talk in between songs or joke around with the fans. However other than walking through the crowd during Death of a Bachelor and one speech about pride and changing the world after Girls/Girls/Boys, Urie didn’t really interact or talk with the crowd any. I love hearing artists introductions and explanations for songs during the set but I didn’t really get that here. That being said, the overall experience of the show overpowered the need for any conversation on Urie’s part.

A Sweaty Urie.

Overall, I thought Brendon had amazing stage presence and never failed to captivate the audience. If you still can, I strongly suggest buying tickets to The Death of a Bachelor tour because you won’t regret it. Between the amazing set list, and the captivating special effects, I don’t think you will regret going to see Panic! at the Disco but you will regret missing out on this amazing opportunity. Overall, I would have to rate this a 8/10 as far as concerts go! Be sure to checkout my YouTube channel lifeofmolllie to see my concert blog for Panic! at the Disco.


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