Divide: Ed Sheeran Album Review

It’s finally here! Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide was released on Friday and I’m here to give you the low down on the album. This album contains many unique and individual sounding songs under one glorious album. I am going to give you a brief overview of the album and tell you my top five favorites so far.

Ed Sheeran Preforming Shape Of You

Eraser & Castle On The Hill. I already gave these songs lengthy reviews in previous posts but Eraser is one of the only rap songs on the album and therefore holds a special place in my heart. COTH is a great song for driving at night and singing at the top of your lungs.

Dive. This song was the first new song that I had heard off of the album and let me just say, that it had me hooked. His voice is so powerful and the lyrics are really relatable for pretty much everyone. The only thing I don’t like about this song is the gravely sounding in his voice. It sounds a little too rough. I’m all for sounding raw in a song but this sounds like he forgot to clear his throat before recording.

Shape of You. Again, I already commented on this song, but I think that it is a great song to dance to and is more of a traditional hit like Sing or Don’t. I really love this song though!

Perfect. This is a classic Ed slow song. I think Ed predicted that this song is going to blow up much like Thinking Out Loud did off of Multiply. It has already reached number nine on the iTunes top ten chart and is continuing to climb. This song is so beautiful and it deserves all of the success that it is getting.

Galway Girl. This song is infectious. It is so upbeat and makes you want to dance. It is somewhat of a rap and is so much fun to sing along to. While it is the shortest song on the album, finishing at just under three minutes, you can’t tell because you’re enjoying it so much. The Irish beat in the back is a completely unique sound and makes the song something completely it’s own. I also feel the need to add that Ed Sheeran is the only person who can sing about Doritos and make it poetic.

Happier. Another classic slow song, Happier is is again such a beautiful song. The chorus has a certain strength to it that you don’t see in Perfect which makes it stand out. This song is somewhat of an apology from Ed to a girl. I think that’s where the strength comes from. Ed needs to feel strong in order to try and get over this girl. I highly recommend this song.

“Happier” Artwork

New Man. This is by far the funniest song on the album because it’s so relatable. Ed is basically describing the classic f**kboy that his girl moved on to. We all know the feeling when your ex moves on and you’re finally getting over it but you still aren’t ready to see them with someone else. Ed perfectly describes what it’s like to see someone change when they start dating someone new. I highly suggest this song.

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here. I love how perfectly integrated the slow songs are into the album. This song is again so beautiful. It amazes me how Sheeran can turn the simplest things into beautiful songs. The chorus is so cute. You can just see what he is describing like you’re watching a movie and it never fails to amaze me.

What Do I Know. I love this song because I think it is so relevant with the times and with our generation. Everyone says that you’re not supposed to get involved in politics but you’re supposed to have an opinion. Ed seems to get that and knows that it is our job to raise our children to be stronger and smarter than we are. The chorus is so simple for a message so powerful and you can’t help but just sway to the beat and smile.

“What Do I Know” Artwork

How Would You Feel (Paean). If you want to read more about this song be sure to check out my previous post.

Supermarket Flowers. I cannot rave enough about this song. It is so heartbreakingly beautiful. This is an amazing tribute to Ed’s Grandmother. I think part of the reason why it means so much to me is because I can relate to it. This song made me cry for an hour straight because it reminds me of losing my father. It seems like Ed wrote this song for me because even the names that he uses (Matt and John) are people in my family. If  you need a good cry I highly suggest this song it is so amazing.

Barcelona. If you are looking for some tropical cruise vibes head straight over to this song. You would never hear the words tropical and think Ed Sheeran but that’s part of what makes Divide so great. This song is so much fun and is a good one for dancing around your room, or even playing at your beach wedding. It has such a fun rhythm and this song is partly in Spanish, what could be better than Ed Sheeran singing to you in Spanish?

Bibia Be Ye Ye. What most people don’t know is that Ed Sheeran wrote this song after a visit to Ghana. Bibia Be Ye Ye is actually Ghanian for “everything will be alright”. “Se enioma enko ye” means “if things aren’t working out.” Finally, Wo Nooma means “your problems will be solved.” The bilingual aspect of this song and the slightly tribal beat makes this song unlike anything else that is currently out there. I think Ed did something beautiful with this album and created a unique blend of cultures.

Nancy Mulligan. This song is so fun. It talks about a couple going on the run and starting a life together after Nancy’s father turned down (William’s) request for her hand in marriage. I believe this song was written about Ed’s grandparents on his fathers side. This song has somewhat of an Irish folk beat to it creating another unique sound and it makes you want to get up and dance.

Save Myself. An amazing ending to an album. This song is all about trying to help other people and forgetting about yourself. I think so many people can relate to always giving and forgetting to keep anything for yourself. This song is again so beautiful which I have said a lot about this album but after you listen to it, you will understand why.

“Save Myself” Artwork

Now that you have a general idea about the backbone of this album, you’re probably wondering which of these songs I like the best. Well, when trying to pick my five favorites, I was actually surprised to see that three out of the five were upbeat songs. All of my favorite Ed songs are slow so it shocked me that off of the new album, I liked the faster songs. So without further ado, in no particular order, my favorite songs off of Divide were, Supermarket Flowers,  Galway Girl, New Man, Save Myself, What Do I Know.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Divide here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/deluxe/id1193701079


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