Ed Sheeran: Eraser (extended)

At the rate Ed is releasing music off of his new album, we’re going to hear it all before March 3rd. Ed just released a new live version of the first track of his soon to be released album Divide. We all know that the first track is the most important on the album. There’s a reason that the artist put it there. The first song sets the tone for the rest of the album so I’m excited to see why Ed picked this song to be first. Since this is not the studio version and is instead, a live version of the song, I will not be formatting this post like my typical reaction post however this is still the first time that I’m listening to the song.

Eraser Artwork

I love this rap style of this song. I think that this song is a really raw side of Ed that we are used to seeing, but the emotions are new. While Ed Sheeran is known for his heartfelt ballads of love, we seem to overlook the songs about his real day to day life. I love the subtlety of the guitar in the background of this song I think it brings down the harsher tone of the rap and is almost soothing to listen to.

I think it’s interesting that he comments on his drinking habits in saying that without them life is no fun. It’s no secret that Ed is a big drinker and maybe this song comes from the feelings that he had from his last tour when he was living life through a screen and wasn’t truly experiencing.

Ed Sheeran performing for SBTV

Oh the chorus. Ed’s sweet voice comes in through the chorus giving us a break from the aggressive look into Ed’s subconscious and allowing us to take in everything that we had heard. I love the message that the chorus sends. That you don’t need someone else to take the pain away or to even make you happy, that you can do it all on your own.

Ed is really holding nothing back in this song. He is telling us the age old story about how fame is hell and that everything good given to you by it is not as nice as you think it might be. Ed seems to know how many hearts and relationships he’s fixed with his music and even he knows that nothing is forever and even the relationships that he’s helped to fix can break.

Ed’s Album Drops Friday

“I find happiness in my fried food for my dinner.” This is why so many people Love Ed. He is relatable and saying what everyone else is thinking. I admire how he isn’t letting the industry change him like it seems to be changing everyone else. He is still wearing the same clothes, and eating the same foods that he ate before fame. He is completely authentic and I think that’s what people love about him.

The power in his lyrics never fails to amaze me. It seems that in this song Ed is owning up to his mistakes it is almost like this song is the confessional for him. Like he needed to put this track fist so you can hear all of the bad things that he’s done before you can move on with him and hear the rest of the album. I feel like he truly believes that you can’t move on until you hear everything that he’s done wrong.

Ed on stage performing

I love that he apologizes to his crew because he knows that they put their lives on hold to go on tour with him. They missed their kids birthday’s and their anniversaries but you can see that Ed understands that and he’s sorry for it even though it’s not really his fault.

The abrupt ending hit me like a bus, wow. I wasn’t expecting it to end the way that it did. I expected this song to end with the chorus, but instead it just stopped. I thought that this song sounded a lot like Take It Back off of Multiply, but now, I can see how different it really is.

I love this song and I think that it’s so poetic and beautiful. If it is even possible, I’m more excited now for the album than I was before. Only two more days and I can’t wait, especially since Ed thinks he’s recorded a hit that’s going to be bigger and better than Thinking Out Loud.  I’m going to rate this song a 4.8/5 because it moved me so much. I can’t wait to see all the success that this album brings for Ed Sheeran.


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