10 Songs: That Will Fuel Your Teenage Angst

I’m back again with another 10 songs! There hasn’t really been any new music to commentate on but have no fear Ed Sheeran’s new album drops this week and I will be attending a Panic! At The Disco concert so keep your eyes open for those posts. We all know those times where you just want to fight the power so here are some songs to fuel your rebellious side. (not in any order).

  1. 18- Anarbor: This song is all about sticking it to your parents.Even though he knows this relationship is doomed from the start and he’s just being used, the singer of this song is completely okay with it. If you’re looking to bring home a tattooed hottie to scare your parents, or even if you’re just thinking about it, this is the song for you. It’s got the rebellious vibe that you’re searching for.
  2. Teenagers- My Chemical Romance- This song is ┬áthe poster child for rebellious and angsty songs. This song is about screaming f**k the adults at the top of your lungs and breaking a few windows while you’re at it. If you’re looking for a song to scream at the top of your lungs to blow off some steam, this is your song. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have blasted this song full volume in the car with my mom just to piss her off.
  3. Little Violence – Waterparks: I couldn’t have a top ten list about teenage angst and not put Waterparks on here, it just wouldn’t be right. There were a lot of songs that I could have chosen from for this particular category but I chose Little Violence because of the line “We’re building sandcastles out from their ashes now”, if that doesn’t scream teenage angst, I don’t know what does. If you are experiencing a lot of people trying to be your friend after some new found popularity this is a good song for you because the band is singing about how people are only interested in them now that they are famous.
  4. Social Casualty- 5 Seconds of Summer: I know no one hears the name 5 Seconds of Summer and immediately thinks of teenage angst, but this song is about wanting to break away from the norms of society and not wanting to “be a victim of authority”. I really like this song because I know that I personally don’t want to be forced into a 9-5 job living the life that society has planned out for me.
  5. The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls: If you’ve ever thought about throwing it all away and making a break for it this song is for you. Blast this song in the car on the highway and you’ll consider not getting off at your exit and going somewhere to start a new and exciting life. I love the songs that talk about leaving everything behind and starting a new life that is completely your own.
  6. Welcome To My Life- Simple Plan: Bringing it down with this song, and it’s not exactly about angst, but it seems to say everything that you could have possibly felt as a teenager. This song completely captures what it’s like to hate everything and we have all had that moment at one point or another.
  7. The Anthem – Good Charlotte: Another classic song about getting out and fighting the power. If you don’t want to live the “perfect” life that society has dreamed up and you don’t want to be just like your parents even though they want to be, blasting this song and dancing around your room will definitely get the point across. I love the second verse because I am doing exactly that but I don’t really want to be, I want to be living my life.
  8. Gasoline- Halsey: This song has a completely different sound than every other song on this list but it deserves to be here from the lyrics alone. If you have ever been told that you are wasting your life based off of your looks or your choices, this is a good song for you. This song is about not wanting to be another societal robot. When she says “I think there’s a fault in my code” she is saying that she’s not like everyone else and can’t just be apart of the machine because they want her to. I personally love this song and the message that it has.
  9. American Idiot- Green Day: While I think this song is pretty self explanatory, I’ll explain it anyways. I think this song is even more true now than it was when it was released. This country is in turmoil, and there are people unhappy with the way things are going and I for one don’t want to be an american idiot, but this song can be interpreted anyway that you want.
  10. What’s My Age Again- Blink-182: This song is about your friends thinking that you’re mature enough. If you don’t care what they say and you want to let them know you’re not going to change just because they want you to, this is the song for you. This song is also just a straight jam which is another reason that you should listen to it.

That’s it for this weeks top ten! If you liked these suggestions, be sure to check out my spotify @molliemarshallofficial.



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