10 Songs: That Will Never Fail To Liven Up A Party

We all know when the party goes dead. It’s not hard to tell people are swaying side to side and just not into the music anymore. However, all hope is not lost if this is your party. I’m giving you ten songs to liven the party and put everyone back in the mood. These songs are in no real order.

  1. Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne: I once went to a hockey game where the marching played the first thirty seconds of this song and everyone was singing along. Not only was everyone singing along, but they continued to finish the song after the band stopped playing. This is a classic throw back song that everyone knows the words to and even if you don’t the chorus is pretty easy to pick up on after the first verse.
  2. All The Small Things: Blink-182: Almost everyone in college grew up on this song or can at least sing along to the chorus and by playing a song other than trashy rap music, this song will get people moving and they will actually want to dance, jump around, and sing along. It will also take every one back to their ‘ego’ phase which will ┬ádefinitely liven up the party.
  3. Ignition (Remix)- R. Kelly: A classic song that most people probably know almost all the words to. Even if you don’t, this song just makes you want to get down on the dance floor. It’s a solid jam and a classic song. While you’re at it if you haven’t seen Matty Healy from the 1975 sing along to this song on the BBC school run, after you read this stop what you’re doing and go look it up, because it’s pretty great.
  4. Mr. Brightside – The Killers: Back at it fueling teenage angst with this classic jam. No one will be able to resist singing along. This song is just fun to listen to and will no doubt make everyone in the party chanting along to the chorus. This song doesn’t need an explanation because we all no that everyone will have good time while it’s playing.
  5. It Wasn’t Me- Shaggy: Since literally no one but Rickrok knows the fast talking part of this song I suggest only playing the beginning/chorus because no one can understand what he’s saying. But again an instant party mood booster.
  6. Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice: Nothing gets white people moving more than classic white rappers. Most people don’t know more than the first verse of this song so you might want to change it up after the first chorus. But the beginning of the song will definitely liven up your party.
  7. This Is How We Do It- Montell Jordan: You only need to know the title of the song to sing along to this one making it the perfect party song because even if you aren’t totally with it you will still be able to sing along or at least chant along to this song.
  8. Down- Jay Sean: This song takes everyone back to their middle school dance. Again you only need to know the title to sing along and most likely, everyone’s going to know the words to at least part of the song. Something about throw back songs always makes people dance harder and have more fun and this song will also help with that.
  9. Low – Flo Rida: Nothing like the words apple bottom jeans to get a group of people moving. I requested this song at prom and everyone went crazy when it came on. There is no doubt that whatever occasion, this song will have the same effect on you to.
  10. Hot In Here – Nelly: Watching Nelly preform this song live last summer was definitely an experience, one that I won’t forget. And this song is just as good over a nice set of speakers.

I hope you enjoyed this list of songs and that you will play some of them at your upcoming party. For more recommendations or to listen to these songs and others be sure to go check out my spotify: molliemarshallofficial



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