All Time Low: Dirty Laundry

It’s happening people. 2017 is officially the year of resurrection. Not only are we expecting new albums from artists like Ed Sheeran, Nina Nesbitt, and 5 Seconds of Summer, but All Time Low just released a new single on Friday February 17th. After an announcement that they have changed labels and are now signed under Fueled By Ramen, who work with bands such as Twenty Øne Pilots and Panic! at the Disco, the band released a new single titled  Dirty Laundry.

Jack, Zack, Alex, and Rian of All Time Low

I have stopped myself from listening to this song so many times this weekend because I wanted to be completely in the moment and ready when I first listened to the song. If you read my reaction to Ed Sheeran’s song How Would You Feel (Paean), you would know that what I do is listen to the song while typing out everything that comes to mind in one long train of thought, then analyze the song at the end of the post. So without further ado, here is my reaction to Dirty Laundry by All Time Low.

Change of Pace: ATL swapped the heart from their Future Hearts album for a spade suggesting maybe an edgier sound.

Okay, right off the bat, Alex’s voice is absolutely beautiful and the first line is definitely one that captures my attention. “I don’t believe in Saints, they never make mistakes.” is such a strong and powerful first line that gets you thinking. I love that the message they are sending is that you shouldn’t believe that anyone is perfect because nobody is. I really love what’s going on in the background, even though it’s really not anything insane, it’s very mellow, it really sets the tone for the song and have me tapping my fingers along to the beat. The second four lines about the girl are also really powerful to me. They really acknowledge the idea of being perfectly imperfect or having someone who isn’t perfect, but to you, they are all that you ever wanted. Alright, wow. The chorus is not what I was expecting. This is a really different sound coming from All Time Low, and honestly not one that I expected, but I have to say it looks good on them. This song is about acceptance and not letting someones past define where you go and the more that I listen to it, the more that I fall in love with it. I really like the beat it’s got me nodding along. Alright when it gets a little more punk during the last chorus, I actually really like it and I almost wish that the whole song had this much power in the chorus.


Alright, I really do like this song, not going to lie though, I was expecting a banger and this song was really chill. I love the message and the beat but once I heard the last chorus I started to wish that the whole song had sounded like that. I think that if All Time Low’s new album sounds more like this, it’s going to be an adjustment. I really miss All Time Low’s Dear Maria days. However I understand that those albums came out nearly ten years ago and like every band, All Time Low is growing. They are not the same as they were at 18 and fans need to respect that.. In my opinion, their Future Hearts album was somewhat weak and their new album will be a big indicator of where they are headed. However under a new label, I am confident that we can expect great things from All Time Low. For a mellow song, I thought that Dirty Laundry had a nice beat to it.

All Time Low’s Future Hearts album cover.

I’m excited to see where All Time Low is headed under their new label. I’m personally a fan of Fueled by Ramen and think that they will be good for All Time Low. Overall, I was somewhat underwhelmed and overwhelmed with this song at the same time but I did think that it was still good so I’m going to give it a 4.2/5


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