Ed Sheeran: Another One

Hi Everyone! Ed Sheeran’s new song How Would You Feel (Paean) was released less than an hour ago (at the time I’m writing this) on his 26th birthday, Febuary 17th 2017. I wanted to give you a candid reaction to this song so, I am going to be listening to it while writing exactly what comes to mind. I hope you enjoy this candid reaction to How Would You Feel (Paean) by Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran In the Music Video For His New Song.

So basically, what you are about to read is a string of thoughts that I had while listening to this song they don’t really make logical sense but this is the most candid way to record my response. There will also be an analysis at the end so enjoy!

Oh my gosh! The beginning is literally so beautiful, the guitar and the melody are literally melting my heart and we aren’t even ten seconds in yet! I literally just sat here with my mouth open for five minutes before continuing typing. His voice hit me with such chills I literally paused the song because it was so beautiful. The first line literally made my heart melt “you are the one girl” is something that every girl wants to hear. The piano guitar combo is so pretty. His voice is so raw in this song it almost feels like a little bit of a folk song. I feel like this might be his next Thinking Out Loud just by the way it sounds in the first thirty seconds. The chorus is so pretty with the violins and the way his voice cracks. This song has such a pretty meaning and such pretty lyrics. I think this is the story of the love that so many people want but not many people find. I love the way that he continues his trend of painting a picture in your mind and telling a story through his song. You can literally see everything in your mind. I love the chorus so much it speaks to me in so many ways. This song has me so emotional I can’t really manage this at one in the morning. Ugh after the second chorus with the raw guitar I think it is, I’m not really sure it’s one in the morning. I am actually dying. The fact that he says he is spending his life falling deeper in love with her is just the cutest thing ever. I think I take back my previous statement about this being the next Thinking Out Loud though, I don’t think it has the up beat fast melody for a hit pop slow song which sounds counter productive, but if you think about it most pop slow songs are not actually the slowest songs on the album and are often times faster than the average slow song. This probably makes no sense but again it is one in the morning but I am exauhsted so I will see you all soon okay bye.

Ed Sheeran at the Grammy’s.

Alright so what you just read was not my best writing, but it definitely gets the point across about my reaction. I love this song and I actually got chills from his voice and when a song does that, you know that it’s real. I really do like this song I think that what he is doing here is very effective the way he emphasizes specific words adds a lot to the feel of the song. I hope that there are more songs like this on the album. I thought that the piano was very unique and different from the typical Ed Sheeran sound. I am used to hearing him on the guitar with his loop in songs, but the piano added something else to the song and I think that his attempt to branch out and make a different sound than you usually hear from him, is very effective.

The How Would You Feel (Paean) Artwork.

I’m also just going to add that the fact that the song is called How Would You Feel (Paean) is amazing. If you look up the definition of paean, you will see that it means a song of praise/triumph. This adds so much more depth to the song for me because I feel like he is triumphing in their relationship and it gives the song a new meaning that you wouldn’t get unless you actually took the time to look it up. I love that Ed is always finding ways to bring a deeper meaning to his songs.

I’m going to give this song a 4/5 I’m saving the perfect score until I hear the whole album and can make judgments then. Also, If you haven’t checked it out yet, Ed Sheeran’s performance at the Grammy’s is amazing and definitely worth a listen.



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