Rising Stars: Waterparks

A Pop Punk band from Houston, Texas, Waterparks is definitely a band to keep your eyes on. Formed in 2011, Waterparks consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Awsten Knight, backing vocalist and guitarist Geoff Wigington, and drummer Otto Wood. The band’s first full length album, Double Dare, was released on November 4th 2016.

Otto, Awsten, and Geoff Waterparks

Before the release of their album, Waterparks spent much of 2015 looking for a producer. After a long search, the band ended up becoming managed by Benji and Joel Madden of the band Good Charlotte. In 2016, the band opened for Never Shout Never, and preformed on every date of the Vans Warped Tour. The band also opened for part of Sleeping With Sirens 2016 tour along with State Champ and Tonight Alive.

Before the release of their album in November, Waterparks released their first single off the album, Double Dare, on August 31st 2016 titled, Stupid For You. Streamed over one million times on Spotify, this song has an infectious beat and fun lyrics the song was destined to be a hit. The song much like Halsey’s Colors, uses colors in association with different feelings and as descriptions throughout the song. My favorite line in the song would by far have to be “You’re a symphony, I’m just a sour note.” It’s cute that they see this girl as this great and amazing symphony, but in comparison they are nothing but a single sour note.

Since the release of their album in November, their album has been one that I have played on repeat. One of my favorite songs by them, Dizzy, has more of the traditional punk vibe. The second line is extremely clever in the sense that it says “I wish I was as brave as my last name suggests.” Since front man Awsten’s last name is Knight, something usually associated with bravery this line comes of a subtly clever. The song has a strong chorus and over all is one of my favorite songs on the album.

Album Cover for Double Dare by Waterparks


Little Violence, is a song that talks about all the fake people that the band has encountered, either in the music industry, or “friends” from home. People that used to cast the band members aside are now suddenly interested in becoming friends with them. This song is pretty hard core and seems to be influenced by artists like Sleeping With Sirens.

Hawaii (Stay Awake), the first track on the album starts off with a more Never Shout Never  vibe, but by the chorus seems to have more of an All Time Low vibe. You can see throughout their album, the various sounds and influences coming in through their music. Their song Royal talks about wanting to get out of Houston and wanting to see something new and break away from the usual and the familiar. This song seems to be coming from the band before they were famous and wishing they were royal/famous. I

Waterparks on the set of their Royal music video.

If you happen to be more into slower tracks, 21 questions is the song you should listen to. It still has a significant pop rock chorus but a lot of the song is a lot slower. You might also like I’ll Always Be Around. Again, not really a slow song but it’s a lot more low key than the other songs on the album.

All the tracks on the album are amazing and it is definitely worth a listen. I expect big things from Waterparks this coming year. They are currently on a very small North American tour and will be in England and Ireland later next month. To get your tickets, be sure to head over to http://www.waterparksband.com . I would definitely rate this album 4.5/5



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