10 Songs: To Play When Dumped

Getting dumped is the worst, everyone knows it. Since I posted 10 songs to play on Valentines Day I decided to make a back up list just incase things go south tonight. These are songs that I hand picked for you to sing when you want to deliver a special f*** you to that special someone. These songs range in genre so hopefully there will be something on this list that fits your taste.

  1. Shout Out To My Ex- Little Mix. This song is a good song to belt out in the car to remind you and your ex that you are so totally over them. With cheap shots like “I hope she’s getting better sex, hope she ain’t faking it like I did.” This song is sure to get the message across.
  2. Pray For You – Jaron and the Long Road to Love. This is a country song but a definite must to sing after you get dumped. After being told by a preacher to pray to solve his heart ache, the subject of the song begins praying for things like “I pray your breaks go out running down a hill.” If you wish the worst on your ex, this is the song for you.
  3. Three Empty Words- Shawn Mendes. This is a good song about reminding you when exactly it’s time to call it quits. If you just aren’t feeling it anymore, maybe hearing this song will remind you that it’s better to let someone go than to keep stringing them along.
  4. Drunk on a Plane – Dierks Bentley. This is another country song, about making the best of a bad situation. After being left at the alter the narrator of this song goes on his honeymoon alone and definitely takes advantage of the fact that most airlines serve alcohol.
  5. Guys My Age- Hey Violet. Not exactly a song about you breaking up with your ex, but a definite reminder of the endless possibilities outside of your current relationship. If the one that you’re in now isn’t working maybe guys your age really are the worst and you need to shake it up and give something else a try.
  6. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift. The queen of break ups and make ups herself has written numerous song about heartbreak, but if you and your ex have a tendency to get back together, this is a good song to remind yourself not to fall back into old habits, while getting a message across to your ex at the same time.
  7. Mr. Brightside – The Killers. This song talks about catching your sig. other in the act of cheating. Maybe hearing this song and the heartbreak of the singer will remind you how it felt and prevent you from going crawling back to your ex.
  8. Love Drunk- Boys Like Girls. If your relationship really is over, but your ex keeps calling you. This songs a good one to play in the car sing-screaming along to with the windows down. “Don’t call me crying, say hello to good bye.” this song is another sure fire way to let your ex know it’s over and hopefully, they can take a hint.
  9. Picture To Burn -Taylor Swift. “He let her drive the truck? He never let me drive the truck.” Who could forget those iconic first words to the opening scene to Taylor’s Picture To Burn music video. Maybe belting out the words to this while physically burning pictures of you and your ex will actually turn out to be highly therapeutic?
  10. Stone Cold – Demi Lovato. This song is a ballad from start to finish. Demi’s haunting voice hits you hard through out the song and if you need a good cry this is your song to cry along to. She really gets out the emotions that you feel when the one that you love moves on to someone else.

I hope these songs help you deal with whatever you’re going through, let’s just hope he/she had the decency not to dump you on Valentine’s Day. I know these weren’t my usual punk rock/ pop rock suggestions but I appreciate you sicking with me! See you all soon with another post.


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