10 Songs: For That Special Someone

Since it is Valentines Day, I decided to do a special post in honor of the holiday. Here are ten songs that will let the special someone in your life know just how much you care. These songs range from a variety of genres and styles but all have the same message.

  1. Lights On – Shawn Mendes. This song is a sweet song about a guy that loves every inch of his girl even if she doesn’t see it herself. If you’re looking to let your girl/guy know that they are perfect to your, I highly suggest this song.
  2. First Date – Blink-182. If your first date was one you can’t forget, this song is perfect to play to remind you of that special day. It’ll bring back those first feelings you had for each other and remind you of how nervous you were.
  3. Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet. If that special someone happens to also be someone else’s special someone, playing this song would definitely be a cute way of asking them to be yours.
  4. One Call Away- Charlie Puth. If you’re looking to let your significant other know that you will be there for them through thick and thin, this is the song for you. This simple song that’s straight to the point will let your partner know that whatever they need, you’ll help them.
  5. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran. Hopelessly overplayed at one point in time, this song is now, back to being a sweet song for you and your loved one. Great for dancing, this is a perfect song to play if you can see yourself growing old with your date tonight. Points if you sing it to them.
  6. Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson. If you and your boo don’t have any big plans for V Day and are planning a lazy night at home, maybe spice it up with a surprise breakfast for dinner. With this song playing it will definitely add to the mood and earn you some serious brownie points.
  7. This Town – Niall Horan. This song has a sweet melody and is a sure fire way to let your girl/guy know just how much you love them. If you still get butterflies when you see them I highly recommend this song.
  8. Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur. This song is highly popular right now and tells an incredibly sweet story of a blossoming relationship. This song is an easy way to let that special someone know that you care about them. It also hints that you are in it for the long haul so maybe don’t play this song unless you really are sure.
  9. Vapor – 5 Seconds Of Summer. If you really can’t breath without your significant other, this is the song for you. This song is about always wanting more and that special someone being your fix.  This song is about wanting that whirlwind romance that you always hear about but have yet to find.
  10. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Twenty Øne Piløts. Originally sung by Elvis, The TØP do an amazing cover of the song on the ukulele that you can find on YouTube. This would be especially romantic if you broke out a uke and proclaimed your love for the first time to your boy/gal.

Alright there are my 10 songs for valentines day! I hope this helps you plan a special day for that special someone! Definite bonus points of you serenade them! I hope you enjoy the holiday even if you don’t have a significant other in your life. This is a day of love so call your mom/dad and tell them you love them!


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