Be On The Lookout For: Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt, the inspiration for Ed Sheeran’s song Nina is not someone who you should only know as the muse for one of Ed Sheeran’s hits. Nina is her own artist, and an incredibly talented one at that. The Scottish sing songwriter got her start in 2011 when she met Ed Sheeran on the street in Edinburgh and played him a song that she wrote on the guitar. Sheeran was so impressed, that he asked her to support him on the European leg of his tour. She was also featured in the music video for his song Drunk.

In 2012, her EP Apple Tree reached number 6 on the iTunes download chart. After the release of multiple singles and EP’s, Nesbitt’s album Peroxide was released in 2014 and skyrocketed to number one just hours after its release. In 2016 she released her This Modern Love EP. Her sound changed completely straying from her typical music. She was backed by more electronic sounds rather than her usual guitar. The most popular track on the EP, Chewing Gum has been streamed over one million times on Spotify.

If none of that rings a bell, you may have seen her around as in 2015 she modeled for major brands like American Eagle UK, Calvin Klein, Estée Lauder, as well as Haze and Glory. Her time off modeling gave her time to develop stylistically as she cut her hair, and ditched her  well known innocent style and took on an edgier vibe. Maybe it was her time off modeling in 2015 that lead to her complete change in sound for her return to the music industry in 2016.

Nesbitt’s Calvin Klein campaign.

Later in 2016 Nesbitt decided that it was time she ditch her label and write the songs that she wanted to. Nesbitt started a new and unique project titled, I Wrote For You. She asked fans to send her stories about their loves and she would turn them into songs. All of the tracks are titled after the city where the fan who inspired the song was from. No artist has ever done anything like this. On May 3rd she released the first of the 5 songs, Ontario. The song talks about two friends who start to become more like friends with benefits. The song is set in a crowded house party where one friend is left heartbroken as the other tells them that they’ve found someone else.

Brisbane, a song close to my heart was released on June 6th 2016. The song comes from the point of view of a girl who’s father is very sick. The girl imagines what life will be like once her passes. She struggles with the fact that there is nothing that she can do to help him. This song is so beautiful in the sense that it is something everyone has to deal with. One of the most beautiful lines in the song talks about the girl imagining the empty spot next to her on her wedding day.

Los Angeles, released on July 4th 2016, is a song about a couple who always seem to be fighting. The song seems to have some advice from the singer embedded in the story of the fan. “He was the first love, doesn’t mean he’s the one.” The song seems to be an internal argument deciding whether it is time to put the toxic relationship to rest or to keep running in circles because it feels like love.

Manchester, was released on August 12th 2016. This song is incredibly powerful. It’s not really a song of love, but more of self hate. The song tangles with the topics of suicide, depression, and mental health. Nesbitt said she chose this story because she wanted everyone to know that nothing is an easy fix and it’s okay to have set backs and to have bad days.

Stockholm, released with the EP on October 10th 2016, is a very raw and real song. The fans story is about the complexity of love. She cut out the person she loved and moved on to someone she didn’t the song seems to be the girl realizing that she made a mistake and wants to go back to the one that treats her better. She realizes that no love was ever as good as the love she had with the one she left.

All five of these songs can be found on Nesbitt’s Life In Colour EP which she released under her own label. On Instagram, you can find some videos and pictures of the actual recordings of these songs which appear to have been written and recorded in Nesbitt’s flat. The thing that makes this EP so unique is the fact that each song is so different from they next. They all have their own unique sounds which seem to go along with the lyrics and the story that the fan is telling.

Life In Colour is such a beautiful name for the EP since all of the songs are about different aspects of life, the good and the bad. This EP by far is Nesbitt’s best work and I can’t wait to hear what else she has to share with the world. Her new album is said to be in the works now and will most likely be released sometime this year.

If I haven’t sold you by now, I highly suggest you listen to her songs and make your own judgements. I look forward to hearing Nesbitt’s new album and I know that if it is anything like the songs on her Life In Colour EP, we are in for a treat.

Nesbitt in 2016.

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