Rising Stars: Hey Violet

I first saw Hey Violet when they opened for 5 Seconds of Summer on their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour. I can honestly say that I wasn’t impressed. They didn’t catch my attention. It wasn’t until their cover of Blank Space by Taylor Swift that they caught my attention. Their songs didn’t have me hooked and I quite honestly just wasn’t interested. They played the Bill Nye The Science Guy theme song which got the crowd going because it was a song that reminded us all of the good old days of elementary school science. But over all I was extremely underwhelmed by their set.

Fast forward to one year later, Hey Violet was once again opening for 5 Seconds of Summer. This time around, my opinion of the band completely changed. They opened with a song called Makeup and honestly it didn’t leave an impression considering I still don’t know that song. They moved onto Brand New Moves, which I hadn’t heard before. I really liked this new sound that I hadn’t previously associated with the band. When they finished performing Guys My Age, I was hooked, I had even written the name of the song in the notes app on my phone so I would know to go back and look at it.

Hey Violet has a unique look that isn’t seen often in the music industry. The fact that the band has a female drummer, Nia Lovelis and female keyboardist Miranda Miller is groundbreaking. More alternative bands should be backed by girl power. Lead singer Rena Lovelis has an incredible voice and is a strong front face for the band. The band has started to break away from their 5 Seconds of Summer roots and find their own identity, and preforming their own shows.

Since the time of SLFL, I have gone back to listen to all of Hey Violet’s music, their old stuff still hasn’t ┬áreally grown on me. However Brand New Moves and Guys My Age have become two tracks that I constantly listen to. Their on stage chemistry as a band makes you laugh and makes their performances so much more enjoyable. I wholeheartedly believe that if Hey Violet continues to produce tracks like their newer music, they will thrive in the music business. I can’t wait to see what the band does next and follow them on their journey.


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