Ed Sheeran: He’s Back

Ed Sheeran shocked the world in December of 2015 by explaining that he was taking the year off to see the world through his eyes and to stop looking through lenses. While¬†fans across the world supported his decision there was no doubt in anyones mind that he would be missed. His music had inspired people across he globe. His ability to tell a story through a song is unparalleled by any other artist. His unique sound allowed him to bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘singer songwriter’.

Then exactly one year later, to the minute. Ed shocked the world by tweeting nothing but simply a beautiful blue color. His Twitter and Instagram bio’s were nothing but a mesmerizing shade of blue. Social media erupted everyone was wondering what this meant yet the signs all seemed to be pointing in one direction; we were getting new music.

Debates occurred over all social media platforms. What would this album be called. With both of his previous albums being titled after mathematical symbols fans wondered if the trend would continue making this new album to be titled ‘divide’ or ‘subtract’. Other fans believed that he would continue to grow since he had gone from ‘plus’ to ‘multiply’. But what’s larger than multiply? Some fans suggested ‘exponential’ or ‘infinity’.

With the release of two new songs, Shape of You and Castle on the Hill. Ed Sheeran announced that the new album would in fact be ‘Divide’. The two new songs were skyrocketed up the charts securing both the number one, and number two spots on the Billboard top 100.

Shape of You, a song originally meant for an artist such as Rihanna, was one that Sheeran connected with too much to give away and he ended up keeping and recording himself. Castle on the Hill has a U2 influence yet is uniquely Ed’s. Both have the classic Sheeran style of telling a story.

If you haven’t heard these songs by now, I highly suggest checking them out. I have to give ¬†both of these songs solid 10/10. I can’t wait to see what else Ed has in store for us come March 3rd.



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